Karen Wu


  • English

Body Worker - Massage Therapy

Karen Wu is a dedicated body worker with a passion for promoting holistic wellness. Her journey began in 2022 when she started treating the public as a student, and she is currently pursuing a Diploma in Registered Massage Therapy to further develop her skills. Committed to patient-centered care, Karen prioritizes active listening and collaboration to create personalized treatment plans. Specializing in stress relief, relaxation, and strengthening the body-mind connection, she employs techniques such as myofascial release, Swedish massage, and neuromuscular techniques to promote healing and wellbeing. Beyond work, Karen enjoys exploring new restaurants, learning about the human body and mind, and rejuvenating nature walks accompanied by music.


  • Diploma in Registered Massage Therapy (2022 – now)


  • Dedicated to prioritizing patient-centered care by actively listening and skillfully eliciting relevant details to formulate effective treatment goals together


  • Started treating the public in 2022 as a student