Q & A about Physio!

I am in a lot of pain and have swelling, should I still get physio?

Physiotherapy includes an assessment and treatment plan. This will focus on the cause of injury and your signs and symptoms. Physiotherapy treatment will be customized based on the diagnosis, stage of your injury and level of pain, swelling, inflammation, and dysfunction. Early treatment will focus on treatment to decrease your symptoms and gradually advance to manual therapy and rehabilitation.

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How long am I going to need treatment for or how long will this injury take to heal?

Injuries can be caused by an external force namely a tackle in sport, an MVA or a fall as well as by internal repetitive forces like prolonged painting, gardening or by a heavy overload (lifting a heavyweight). We generally grade the injury to determine the severity. 


  • Grade 1 hamstring pull is a mild disruption of the fibres and will take 2 -4 weeks,  
  • Grade 2 hamstring strain is a moderate tear of the fibres and will take 4-8 weeks
  • Grade 3 hamstring tear is a severe tear can take 2-4 months to heal

If treatment is implemented early to decrease pain, swelling, inflammation and improve joint range, muscle strength and function the sooner healing will take place.

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What are some of our products used for? What is the advantage of buying products from your Physio Clinic?

Our products are selected specifically to assist the rate and quality of healing of your injury. The advantage we provide is that we demonstrate the use and correct you doing the actual exercise. We will also provide you with a computerized picture or video graphic to guide you when you doing the movement at home. The products are best suited for your injury as they are assessed by your physiotherapist.

Some useful products include:

  • A lissome ball; for example for hip or knee mobility post-surgery
  • Shoulder Pulleys can help to improve shoulder mobility with a frozen shoulder  
  • TheraBand with or without handles; for example, to strengthen the rotator cuff.

For a short list of useful products, please visit our website here.